Wedding Photographer Plough and Harrow Birmingham

It was a pleasure to be asked to be the wedding photographer by Errol who himself is  former photographer in Birmingham. The wedding took place at The beautiful Plough And Harrow Hotel on Hagley Road, Birmingham: Look here for more information and their Special offers: Special offers and discounts for wedding receptions in Birmingham Thinking of getting married this year? Then come and see us. The Special offer of £1999 for 40 guests or £2500 for 50 guests makes it a real possibility. There are still a few Friday’s available in the summer months so don’t delay. We want you to …

Limes Gala Dinner Photos

The Photos are ready from the Limes Country Lodge Gala Dinner, just follow this link:

The Limes Country Lodge Photos

Well done to everyone at The Limes Country Lodge for hosting this fantastic event last Saturday, it was a fabulous success and raised, I believe, in excess of £5,000 for the charity Help The Heroes. Thank you for having me there as your photographer, my donation £ will be in the post!

Welcome event at University of Birmingham Photographs are ready

Another successful ‘Welcome’ event to our foreign Scholorship students at University of Birmingham Bramall Music Building Bramall Music Building – University of Birmingham University of Birmingham Photographs Bramall Music Building All additional photographs from the event can be found here:

Highbury Hall Wedding Fayre

Another great experience at Highbury wedding Fayre and  a great chance to show off my new stunning leather albums. Thank you to all of the couples who booked me for next year, looking forward to another busy year in 2017.

limes country lodge wedding fayre

It is the #season again of early bird and last minute wedding shoppers. The strange #time of the year when #brides book services for their wedding in 2 years, and some brides book for their #weddings in two weeks. That is why it is no surprise you are being spoiled with tons of #wedding fairs every #weekend. Today I #exhibited at the Limes Country Lodge. My mood upon arrival was just #instantly lifted by the calming #music of Des George wedding #pianist playing beautiful #jazz flavoured music. After setting up my table I had ages to mingle with other service providers before the …

Different Styles of Wedding Photography

Different types of photography Since the rise of technology and social media, more and more people are taking up the art of #photography. The internet has enabled hobbyist photographers to easily shift into photography as a career direction. The result of this is masses of #wedding photographers with different packages, prices and #styles and a massive headache to a bride. The downfall of this is, to the untrained eye many #photographs may look very similar, and the emphasis then shifts to the price. The issues only arise after the completion of the work, when the bride becomes disappointed by the quality and …


Being asked to become a bridesmaid at someone’s wedding is one of the best feelings in the world. In my years as a professional wedding photographer around the West Midlands, I have met hundreds, if not thousands of brides maids. They always knew their main role was to help the bride enjoy her day from sunrise until in many occasions, the next sunrise. What all of the brides maids had in common, is they did not really expect to also be the wedding photographers assistant. However, just a little help from a brides maid could really make miles of difference …

Aminah Michelle Wedding Singer

Really lovely to hear quality professional singing at this church wedding thanks to Aminah Michelle who attended the fab wedding of Beverley & William. Aminah Michelle 07891974781

Fab Fun Wedding in Solihull

Congratulations to the lovely Kelly & James on their marriage at The Kingswood Meeting House on Packhorse Lane followed by the receptions at The Limes Country Lodge in Solihull last week. I was quite surprised how welcoming, accommodating and friendly the people at the Meeting House were which really helped to add to the fun and relaxed mode of the day swell as enabling me to take the required photographs without worry of disturbing the reverend and congregation. After a quick dash down the road to The Limes Country Lodge we settled into the celebration part of the wedding with great gardens, surroundings …