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Nuthurst Grange Wedding Photographer

Nuthurst Grange Wedding Photographer

Welcome to my Blog post named Nuthurst Grange Wedding Photographer.
Abigail and Thomas at Nuthurst Grange in Warwickshire (
The weather was fab and the day was fantastic from beginning to end and the couple had thought of everything to make their wedding go perfectly. I asked Abi & Tom to answer a few questions about their wedding and have put their response here along with a few of the photographs from their wedding:

So here it is our true love story from childhood sweethearts to husband and wife.

Back in January 2005 in our rebel childhood days we used to go to our local park Daisy Farm to have a sneaky drink on a Friday night. Me and Tom did go to the same school but as he was in the year above we never really spoke. One of Toms friends was trying his luck with me but obviously I only had eyes for Tom. Tom came to rescue me from his friend and came to talk to me.
I still remember the butterflies in my belly the same butterflies I still feel every time he comes home. After a few drinks he kissed me, that magical feeling I felt I knew it was true love.

Our love grew stronger and stronger we met and loved each other’s families and enjoyed many magical holidays together.

We’ve always worked hard for what we’ve achieved and I know it took a while for him to finally propose but he couldn’t of chosen a more perfect time.
It was Christmas 2015 the year we had just started searching for our own home together and as usual I was waiting excitingly for Tom to come to my mom and step-dads house where we always opened our presents together.
A few weeks prior to Christmas I had broken a mug which Tom had brought me and I was so upset but asked my mom not to tell Tom. However as always she told him! I can never trust them pair to keep secrets from each other. Lol.
So we was exchanging gifts and I was about to open my first gift which appeared to look like a box the correct size to be a replacement mug! So I began to open very casually as I just knew it was a mug so I peaked inside and the mug said ‘ I love my girlfriend’ with the word girlfriend crossed out and the word ‘Fiancé’ written underneath! Inside was a box with the most amazing princess cut diamond ring inside which he had chosen all by himself. My face was a picture (literally a picture! Which my mom caught in perfect timing) Tom was on his knee and asked me the question I’d been waiting to hear for so long. (11 years to be precise!) obviously I said yes. My mom was estatic and kept saying ‘oh my god, oh my god!’ Bless her.

The best Christmas ever!

The next step was to find our dream home. Which finally after a long hard search we found our perfect home and moved in on 13th February 2017.

We was still saving hard as we knew our wedding was the next step but hey ho one last epic holiday wouldn’t hurt! We went to Dominican Republic that year with my mom and step dad and wedding thoughts were always on our mind for the following year but we wasn’t sure if we would have enough saved for the day of our dreams yet.

It was August 2017 and after a few weddings that year we decided it was our turn! We looked at so many venues but nothing was ticking the boxes (Tom always knew Nuthurst Grange was our place). My mom and step-Dad got married there a few years earlier and wow what a magical day it was.
We have never really wanted a church wedding but wanted the ceremony to be just a classy with an extra twist which is exactly what Nuthurst Grange had.

We went to look around again and found so many changes had been made and it was now even more beautiful than we ever remembered! It was meant to be! The dates fitted perfectly with work too! Meaning we would be able to fly out on honeymoon straight away! (Obviously at this time we didn’t know it was FA cup final day which Tom’s favourite team would be playing in! Oh yeah and the royal wedding! But we booked First!) lol.

We started planning and my Mom and I started our creative skills and making invites and exciting signs for the day! It was amazing.

The most exciting part of our wedding was seeing each other again after not seeing each other for a whole day before. Yes this isn’t long but for us two we are attached at the hip and never apart!
The look on Toms face when I walked in the room I will never forget. I told him I would make him cry but macho Tom told me ‘no it won’t happen’! Hahaha I knew he would. Ok cry not as such but his eyes certainly welled up and the love I could see made me feel like the first time we had met again. Even after 13 years together he still has this affect on me!

Wow what a day! We could never of dreamed or hoped for any better. I can’t even describe the feeling, just bliss!

Would we do it again. Of course everyone says yes but the magical moments and memories of that day will never be replaced and why would we even want to try.

Nuthurst Grange Wedding Photographer