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Wedding Photographer Coombe Abbey

Wedding Photographer Coombe Abbey

Last summer I was lucky enough to be a Wedding Photographer Coombe Abbey,starting at noon, Gurj entered the beautiful grounds of the historic Coombe Abbey ready to begin a new journey with his wife Shelly.


Gurj dashing his way in with an early entrance eager to see his wife wore a sleek navy-blue suit alongside his entourage. All males of the groom’s party including both family and friends wore the same executing a well thought and planned colour theme. The females from the groom’s side also wore the same colour and a dash of pink was added by Gurjindar’s nieces.

While Gurj was preparing to see his wife, the bride to be was getting ready at the Coombe Abbey Cottage with all her bridesmaids alongside her two teenage daughters and mother. Shelly wore a beautiful traditional white dress that was laced with intricate detail. Accompanied by the gorgeous dress, the lucky bride-to-be had the most luxury heels a bride could want. A pair of nude heels imbedded with Swarovski crystals and pearls to complete the look.

As shelly walked over to the main ceremony where the main reception was held, there awaited her groom. The ceremony was completed and the new couple were smiling ear to ear.

They walked outside to join their guests where acres of land welcomed them on the beautiful grounds of Coombe Abbey. Coombe Abbey has beautiful photogenic features that include archways and greenery. The couple took this moment to release some doves in memory of the loved ones that weren’t present.

After hours of chit chat and laughter, the couple had their traditional wedding photographs taken which allowed them to spend some time together alone and soak in all the wedding highlights so far. They left no gaps in capturing their big day as drones, cameramen and myself photographed their big day. Shortly after they joined their guests where the bride’s family made a traditional Indian entrance to welcome their Indian groom. Indian music was played and dancing was included as they all sat down to enjoy the exquisite Indian cuisine.

Their beautiful cake was a traditional white cake with added elements of pink to make it that extra bit special. As the couple cut their cake, the groom’s niece and nephew played the bhangra drums.

The couple then stood hand in hand to have their first dance. Along joined both parties and danced the evening away. Adding some Jamaican touch to combine both traditions, the couple had a beautiful banquet of Jamaican food in the evening to end the best day of their life’s and a start to something new.

Wedding Photographer Coombe Abbey

Wedding Photographer Coombe Abbey

Coombe Abbey

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